Residential Services

Brighter Day, Inc. provides residential services for our developmentally disabled clients living in the community. We assist clients by providing staffing, transportation, recreational activities, and daily living skills. We actively advocate with and for the individual to obtain and maintain the client’s rights. Brighter Day’s Direct Care Staff work with a team of professionals, including case managers, medical staff, psychiatrists, nutritionists and therapists to develop and implement personalized plans to help our clients reach their goals.

Success Stories

Read about a few of our success stories where we helped clients make positive changes in their lives!


Fred was Brighter Day’s first client in 1990. When Fred let others know he was dissatisfied and seemed to have little quality of life, they brought him to Brighter Day. Fred made a 180-degree turn-around with the assistance of his long-term direct care staff, doctors and psychiatrists. Fred loves to travel! He has been to many U.S. National Parks and theme parks as well as Canada and Mexico.

Janet and David

Janet and David, the sister and brother duo, came to Brighter Day due to the closing of the Hissom Memorial Center. They now live in their own home! Janet works at an employment training center in the paper recycling department. They love to host parties, play bingo, make crafts and put together an annual Halloween haunted house for other Brighter Day clients! Janet and David also enjoy camping, fishing and traveling.


Amy has progressed from having a double staff to having a job she loves. Amy looks forward to her annual birthday trip to Branson with her family where she shops for her favorite collectibles - elephants, butterflies, and horses! And, of course, she participates in the annual Gary J. Daniels Sunbelt Rodeo along with other Brighter Day clients!


Draven came to Brighter Day from the Oklahoma child welfare system in 2014 where his recreational activities were non-existent. Because of his compassionate, consistent staff, he has learned to enjoy new recreational activities! Draven now loves to walk, dance and go for car rides. He also enjoys swimming and going to see superhero movies!